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  • Since 2007 the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency - EXA has been developing technologies for be used in their own cubesats missions. In fact, in 2013 EXA launched two missions: NEE-01 Pegasus and NEE-02 Krysaor, both of them still in orbit and their technology has been selected to fly in 3 more upcoming U.S. missions from 2017 to 2019. Now JSS bring EXA's technologies to the international market, focused in provide tailored solutions for each client. We offer the following subsystems suited for cubesat from 1U to 3U:

    • Compact Magnetorquers - MT01
    • High Energy Density Battery Array - BA0x
    • Shielding (thermal and space weather protection) - NEMEA
    • Deployable Solar Panels - DSA/1A

    Each product is tailored to the mission needs with customer’s choice of cables, connectors, harness, shielding and output. Detailed blueprints, 3D PDFs, STEP and SolidWorks files can be provided on demand.

  • The DSA/1A (Titanium Deployable Solar Array for 1U) is the entry level product of a family of deployable solar arrays based on artificial muscles for cubesats in the range of 1U to 6U. The arrays are composed by 5 panels, 3 on top 2 on bottom that attached to the cubesat structure just as another solar panel and once in orbit deploys to full extension, includes deploy and release contact sensors and custom options are available on request like sun and temperature sensors, 7 panel configuration and your choice of solar cells like our low cost solar cells to AzurSpace 3G-30 for very high power missions.

    Every array is tested and qualified in our own facilities and shipped with full reports, their very thin yet robust Titanium scaffold of only 0.25mm thickness allows a 1U cubesat to pack as much power as a full 3U mission. The DSA/1UA yields the best results when coupled with high capacity batteries like our BA01/S and they are fully customizable to your mission needs.

  • As thin as 7 millimeters, the BA0x High Capacity Battery Array is a family of power store/delivery devices designed to provide the highest energy density and redundancy for your cubesat mission. From a minimum of 19.9Whr to a maximum of 53.2Whr per bank. For missions like 1U Cubesats, the BA0x enables your system to perform longer and better than even a 3U mission.

    • Fully compatible with ISIS and Pumpkin structures, they have an impressive 7 mm thickness, the thinnest batteries available.
    • Our batteries can be connected in series or parallel between them and the output is user configurable on each battery to supply 3.7V or 7.4V depending on the user needs.
    • Our unique Thermal Transfer Bus based on carbon nanotubes and graphite allows you to route the waste heat from your electronics and use it to warm your batteries without using active heaters and at the same time cooling your payload. The combination of graphite and lithium in the batteries also turns them into an excellent radiation shields, protecting your electronics from harsh radiation environment, allowing a 10-fold cost reduction on your mission’s financial budget.
  • With only 7.5 grams and 3.2 millimeters thickness, the MT01 Compact Magnetorquer is a vacuum core magnetic coil designed for ADCS control in cubesat missions from 1U to 3U that boast an impressive performance compared to its small footprint over the mass, power and area budget of the spacecraft.

    Even with those small dimensions the MT01 is capable of greater magnetic moments, turn speeds and angular accelerations than comparable products on the market, yet the power usage is kept to a minimum: It can turn a 1U mass 90 degrees in 60 seconds using only 0.2 Watts at a LEO orbit of 500kms.

    MT01 can be integrated in to our BA0x family of high capacity compact batteries and our DSA Deployable Solar Array family too, the biggest advantage of the MT01 is that it can be easily affixed anywhere on your spacecraft using a minimal area.

    Every coil is tested and qualified in our own facilities and shipped with full reports and packed with additional match connectors interfaces.

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